Cerfs-VolantStylistes is a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread their knowledge about kites.

Two idealists who have a wonderful passion and would love to share their knowledge about kites to everyone they would meet. They gave more than 3,000 kites to children across the hemisphere and in their region. Christine and Daniel quickly became the references in Quebec due to their talent, their knowledge, their generosity and for their involvement in non-profit associations that have the well-being of the children as priority.


Christine Mc Gee

For some time, Christine as been attracted to the wind, with a vision that allows her to create kites in different shapes and forms. She adds texture to create more movement to her creations. She also likes to create wind gardens simply to feed the wind. A great idealist, her mission as a kite flyer is to give kites to children living in poverty in third world countries.


Daniel Remillard

His reputation can be distinguished by the dimensions of his creations that are intriguing and disarming. Daniel, for the past 25 years, imagines, invents, develops and creates is work of art.

He doesn’t content himself with creating standard kites; he prefers combining newer models and different techniques to create a unique kite. His kites are certain to captivate the attention of onlookers.

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